1. makeup mythbusters puts weird beauty tricks to the test. suggest the next myth to try in the YT comments!



  3. sisters be like…


  4. bea’s new cover video is up - http://bit.ly/beaPOMPEII


  5. new Bethany Mota!  Watch the video: http://youtu.be/5BRMp-xuV78

    isn’t she the cutest?

    image image



  6. nefertsukia:


    Stoick is apparently a romantic.

    He always struck me as such. Now we have proof…

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  7. #JennandAndrea


  8. httyd2. midnight on AwesomenessTV.


  9. Bea Miller’s got a new cover coming out 4/15 and the teaser is here… http://youtu.be/05MSL2vLWNs

    Here’s an early look at the full length video - 


  10. grace’s dates are the best kind of awkward. watch: http://youtu.be/UJP2vzYgGts.

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